"I can not teach anyone anything. I can only make them think."


"I can not teach anyone anything. I can only make them think."


Building bridges instead of walls

Our team consists of experienced and qualified peer educators who intensively deal with your individual challenges and bring their expertise to the work. We place particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion and are proud that our team is made up of different backgrounds and walks of life.

We have a wide range of expertise from different fields, such as education, social work, psychology and philosophy. Through many years of practical experience in our work, we are professionals in the field of combating violence and self-optimisation.

Our team regularly attends training and education to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and to continuously develop. We place great emphasis on the quality of our work and pride ourselves on providing you with a high quality service.

Every person in our collective is committed by conviction to fight violence in all its forms and to spur positive change in society. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and work closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome together.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the conviction that violence does not have to be a matter of course in everyday life and that every person has the right to a safe and self-determined life. We are committed to ensuring that all people, regardless of their origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation, experience respectful and peaceful coexistence.

Our holistic approach takes into account both individual needs and the social framework conditions. We focus on preventive and sustainable work and want to contribute to not only preventing violence but also avoiding it in the long term.

In doing so, we work closely with schools, universities, youth institutions, companies and other organisations to implement our projects in a targeted and effective manner. We are convinced that only through close cooperation and networking of all actors is sustainable change possible.

Our work is based on sound expertise, many years of experience and a high degree of empathy and sensitivity. We focus on an individual and needs-oriented approach and want to help all people feel safe and protected.

The dignity and well-being of every individual is our focus. We want to help ensure that all people in our society can develop free from worry and discrimination.

Our values

Our work is based on a clear set of values that distinguish us as a team and an organisation. We stand for the following values:


We respect the dignity and individuality of every person and are committed to ensuring that all people treat each other with respect.


We promote a climate of tolerance and acceptance towards people with different backgrounds and lifestyles and work against discrimination and exclusion.


We empower people to become active themselves and to participate in shaping their environment. We are committed to ensuring that all people can exercise their rights and interests in a self-determined manner.


We put ourselves in other people's perspective and show understanding for their situation and needs.


We work on the basis of expertise and experience and set high quality standards in our work. We are aware of our responsibility and act reliably and transparently.


We are committed to long-term and sustainable change, taking into account social and economic aspects.

We live these values not only in our projects, but also in our teamwork.

Numbers, data, facts

We operate nationwide and can look back on several years of experience. Our most popular topics include the phenomena of Bullying, Racism and Sexism. The most common method used for this Method is the Forum Theatre.

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The Way of X workshops hit the students like a bomb and kept them busy for weeks to come. A successful mix of exchanging opinions, having fun and imparting values on controversial topics that are usually given a wide berth is the reason for their success with the young people. More of this.

TILL MACHNIK | Respect Coach, IBB Süd-West gGmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Die Jugendlichen waren begeistert von den Workshops und konnten sich sehr gut auf die angesprochenen Themen einlassen. Herr Yussufi von Way Of X hat es in Windeseile geschafft, einen super Zugang zu den Teilnehmern zu finden. Die Jungs konnten sich unter seiner Moderation auf sehr persönliche Themen einlassen und ihre jeweiligen Standpunkte diskutieren und reflektieren. Wir würden uns sehr übere weitere Workshops von Way Of X freuen. O-Ton der Teilnehmer: „Kann Herr Yussufi nicht einfach jeden Tag zu uns kommen!?“ Vielen Dank dafür!

MICHAEL OHNGEMACH | Schulsozialarbeiter, Kreisberufsschulzentrum, Nagold

The workshop with Alexander and co came at the right time - in a class that was considered one of the most difficult in the school. The trainers worked on the complex topic of self-determination in a trusting and relaxed manner and managed to connect directly with the group. The students felt that their needs and problems were taken seriously - a rarity in everyday school life. The next day, the class teacher said that the atmosphere in the class was better than it had been for a long time. And with the intensity of the discussions and role plays, I am sure that the impulses will have a lasting effect ... I would love to do it again!

CHRISTOPH NOLDE | Respect Coach, AWO, Bonn

Way of X is a great team doing extraordinary work to make our world a better place for all of us.

MERAL ÖZDEMIR| Class teacher, Sophie Scholl Comprehensive School

The Way of X team uses language that is appropriate for young people and does not raise its finger to young people, inviting them to deal intensively with topics such as honour, identity and self-determination: Honour, identity, homophobia and self-determination. The varied methods such as positioning games, discussions and theatre pedagogical approaches encourage the pupils to reflect and discuss respectfully. With their preventive and effective concept and well prepared, the trainers accompany the young people on their way to critical thinking and self-confident living. Impulses are set and skills are imparted that the young people can use in their everyday lives. The special impact of the project and positive feedback from the young people and teachers aroused the interest of the other classes and so the Way of X team visits us again. It will not be the last time, as the project contributes sustainably and clearly to tolerant and respectful interaction at the school.

Respect Coach, JMD, Caritas Association, Trier

Way of X is on an important mission for our society. Through their projects, they promote the basic idea of democracy and implement effective preventive measures in different subject areas. With their theatre-pedagogical exercises, they are very popular with the young people and manage to communicate with them at eye level.

LINA WAGNER | School Social Worker, Schule am See

The Way of X team managed to approach the students very well. The class was able to get involved very well and there was a remarkable exchange between the students, which was professionally guided by Mr Yussufi. Thank you very much! We look forward to future projects at our school

ALIJSOHA ZACHARIAS| School social worker, Heinrich Kleyer School, Frankfurt am Main

The cooperation with you was highly professional from start to finish. You know how to meet the young people at eye level and pick them up where they are. My class was very enthusiastic about your content and would like to have a follow-up day with you.

JOHANNES KNOTT| Class teacher, Wilhelm-Busch-Schule

Frequently asked questions

Our projects are aimed at different target groups, such as children and young people, learners, students, parents, teachers, companies and organisations. We always adapt our projects individually to the needs of the respective target group.

Each project is individually tailored to the needs of the target group. We usually start with a needs analysis and a draft concept. Then we implement the project and evaluate it afterwards. We work closely with you throughout the process.

The duration of a project depends on the size and complexity of the project and the needs of the target group. As a rule, a project lasts between a few hours and several days.

We attach great importance to a holistic approach that takes into account individual needs and social framework conditions. Our projects are always needs-oriented and practical. In addition, we focus on sustainable and long-term change.

There are various funding options, such as public funding from foundations, ministries or municipal institutions. Private donations or sponsoring are also a possibility. In addition, we also offer fee-based advisory and training services. We will be happy to advise you on the best possible funding solution that meets the needs and goals of your institution.