Interactive project days at schools

Interactive project days at schools

Interactive project days offer a unique opportunity to provide learners with new perspectives on different subject areas and help them to expand their knowledge and skills. Our project days are designed to actively engage learners in the learning process by working creatively on complex topics that challenge their reflective and problem-solving skills.

Peer to peer

Our peer approach allows us to meet learners at eye level, drawing on similar experiences, needs or challenges to create a safe space of mutual understanding.

Preventive & Interventive

We work preventively and interventively. Thus, we can identify problems at an early stage and prevent them before they occur, but also address existing challenges effectively and sustainably.

Suitable for all grades

Our project days are designed to meet the needs and interests of students of all ages and are tailored to their specific learning objectives.


We encourage open discussion and constructive dialogue where different opinions and perspectives are respected. We want to encourage young people to think critically and develop their own convictions by exploring different positions and forming their own opinions.

School as a place of growth

We are committed to making schools a safe and peaceful place where learners can concentrate on their education without fear and worry. On the one hand, our work is geared towards recognising impending conflicts at an early stage and solving them before they take on extreme forms, and on the other hand, providing support in the case of existing conflicts and counteracting the problem situation in a de-escalating manner.

Interactive and participative

Our team consists of experienced peer educators who are familiar with the many aspects of different challenges. We work closely with you as a school to develop individual methods tailored to the needs and requirements of your learners. Our project days are designed to be practical and interactive to motivate learners to actively participate in our programmes.

Setting sustainable impulses

Our aim is to promote a positive and supportive school culture where all learners feel heard and respected. Our projects actively work against violence, strengthen community solidarity and support individuals to overcome their inner challenges. We want to encourage young people to be actively involved in the solution and contribute to creating a better life for all.

Rise above hate

"Violence has many faces" is a guiding principle that makes it clear to us that violence exists in all its manifestations. It is important to emphasise that violence does not only have physical dimensions, but can also take the form of discrimination and exclusion.

Discrimination against people can be based on gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability, among other things. These forms of discrimination often have serious psychological consequences for those affected and not infrequently also lead to physical violence.

With our project "Rise above hate" we want to show that every person is unique and that diversity can be a strength of our society. No one needs to be discriminated against or excluded because of their characteristics or traits. Instead, we want to work to ensure that all people in our society have equal rights and are respected.

To combat the many faces of violence, we want to raise awareness among children and young people at an early age. We want to challenge prejudices and stereotypes and promote a culture of tolerance and respect. Only in this way can we create a society in which every person is treated equally and respected, regardless of their characteristics and attributes.

Below you will find a selection of the different phenomena of violence that we address with this project. These can be booked exclusively or in combination. We understand that each class has its own challenges and do our best to adapt our content to your individual needs. If your desired topic is not listed, please contact us.





Body Shaming


Honor Violence







Unity in diversity

We do not only work on deficits, but also focus on strengths. To this end, we offer focal points that concentrate on the learners' self-optimisation and focus on positive values.

We believe that promoting values such as respect, tolerance, empathy and solidarity helps to create a harmonious and peaceful coexistence. We want to teach learners that values are not abstract concepts but can be implemented in their daily lives.

"Unity in Diversity" aims to help learners become aware of their own values and understand how to take them into account in their behaviour and actions. We want to encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings and to contribute to a positive climate at their school.

Furthermore, we want to motivate to actively participate in the class community and to develop a sense of unity together with everyone else. Similar to the treatment of violence phenomena, we use playful and interactive methods such as role plays, group work and discussions.

Promoting positive qualities is an important building block in our commitment to a non-violent society. We are convinced that strengthening values is an important contribution to the prevention of violence and conflict. We look forward to working with you as a school to provide values-based education.

Below you will find a small selection of focal points that aim to empower children and young people and strengthen them as part of a democratic society. Of course, you can also book these in combination with other focal points.





Never give up

Our "Never give up" project aims to promote young people's mental health and support them in their personal development. Our aim is to provide participants with tools and strategies to optimise themselves and fully exploit their individual potential.

Our experienced and empathetic facilitators work closely with learners to create a supportive and motivating environment. We encourage participants to identify their individual problems and strengths, define their goals and step by step conquer their demons and work towards their dreams.

We use creative and participatory methods to promote exchange and cooperation between participants. We encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas, to support each other and to learn from each other. In doing so, we attach great importance to appreciative and respectful communication.

"Never Give Up" is a place of inspiration, learning and togetherness. We are proud to be part of each individual's journey and to work together to make a positive change that impacts not only their own lives, but also society as a whole.






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