Through questions to knowledge

Every problem involves an individuality that prevents a static solution approach. A wide variety of methods and flexibility is therefore necessary to ensure successful problem solving. Our work is reactive and adapts to the respective situation on site in order to deal with it in the best possible way.

The challenge of a pluralistic society is to unite different opinions, convictions and views without denying its fundamental principle of an open democratic basic order. It takes extraordinary empathy and willingness to engage with foreign realities to develop tolerance or, in the best case, understanding. We aim not only to establish these values in the recipient, but also to bring them into the conversation as a basic attitude.

By confronting one's own life world, as well as encountering contrasting models, conventional thought patterns can be put into the context of one's own (sub)cultural affiliation must be broken down and reflected upon. This is the cornerstone for counteracting rejections of foreign ideals and values and thus opening the door to the recognition of potential commonalities.

The most sustainable path to change is not one that can be imposed on us from the outside, but rather one that we work out for ourselves. We do not lecture anyone about right and wrong, but want to set impulses through critical confrontation that help the participants to gain new insights. For this purpose, our concept relies on tried and tested discussion techniques, first and foremost the Maieutics. What is meant is that one helps a person to gain an insight by prompting him or her to find out the relevant facts for him or herself by asking appropriate questions. Care is always taken not to judge what is said or to classify it morally. Rather, the statements should be made without judgement in a safe space in order to stimulate an interactive discourse.

An open attitude on the part of the lecturers, as well as their willingness to question their own reality, is fundamental and signals eye level. This is reinforced by the inclusion of one's own experiences, which can be gained by adopting the strategically proven approach. Sheepdog mentality be regulated.

"Sheepdogs protect the sheep flock from wolves by combining elements of both sheep and wolves. They are empathetic toward others, yet they understand violence and aggression."

Dave Grossman

The sheepdog mentality

The sheepdog mentality divides the parties involved in a conflict into three parties:

The wolves

Wolves symbolise people who deliberately inflict harm, be it physical or emotional. This includes people who spread hatred and intolerance towards others as well as people who wage a battle against themselves. They represent the party of the causers.

The sheep

Sheep symbolise those who are fearful, passive and often unprepared for a threat. These can also be people who are not actively working to improve their own situation or society. Sheep represent the party of those affected.

The Sheepdogs

Sheepdogs embody those who are willing to help and protect. They are committed to the welfare of others while striving for personal growth. Sheepdogs represent the party of the mediators.

We take on the role of the shepherd dog and use biographical experience values with violence and aggression to build up an empathic access to the causing side. This makes it possible to reflect together at eye level instead of only looking at the situation of the causers from the outside. Having reached a common level, new thoughts can be developed together that lead to rethinking one's own view of the world.

No way as the way

In order to break through the daily routine and make the shared experience particularly memorable, we work with creative and interactive methods from aesthetic practice. Particularly worth mentioning here is the Forum TheatreThis is a form of theatre education that brings conflicts onto the stage in the form of short role plays in order to analyse them with the help of the audience and solve them together. Through approaches like this, insights can be gathered in a playful way, which can be implemented and applied afterwards to similar and real situations from everyday life. They also create a relaxed and informal atmosphere for the community, which, combined with the Peer approach, a "Braver Space" The participants can openly and without hesitation exchange their true views and opinions on the topics under discussion.

These are just a few of the many methods used in our daily work. It is important to mention that the core of our concept is amorphous in its origin. Individual methods may be applied or implemented in parts, but they never represent a generally valid guideline. We differ from other concepts of action in that we break with everything that makes up classical concepts. Living the "Way of X" is a philosophy. It is a way of thinking and acting. Initiated from outside and shaped from within. No path as a path. Formless, flexible and determined by no one but oneself.


If you would like to learn more about our methods, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions about our concept.