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Way of X is a collective that deals confrontationally with issues such as Violence, Extremism, Diversity design, democracy promotion and Self-optimisation and the other way round. At the core of our work is the encounter with one's own life reality, as well as recognising, breaking down and overcoming aversions towards oneself and one's fellow human beings.

In times of increasing social division, reconciliatory dialogue is more important than ever. We build a bridge between hardened fronts and ensure that the critical reflection for more Understanding and Tolerance. This is the only way to reduce prejudices and ensure social coexistence in the long term.

Our concept works across phenomenas and is both preventive, as well as interventive applicable. It strengthens the Solidarity of the community and the Resilience of the individual.

Numbers, Data, Facts - How we make a difference in our society

We are nationwide in the field and look back on over nine years experience. Our most popular topics include the phenomenas Bullying, Racism and Sexism. The method most frequently used in this context is the Forum Theatre.

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Each problem brings with it an individuality that prevents a static approach to solving it. A wide variety of methods and flexibility is therefore necessary to ensure successful problem solving. Our work is reactionary and adapts to the respective situation on site in order to deal with it in the best possible way.

About us

Our team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who intensively deal with your individual challenges and bring their expertise to the work. We place particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion and are proud that our team is made up of different backgrounds and walks of life.

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